WTL Attend 2019 Fabtech in Chicago

WTL, has received the attention and support of a large number of customers at the exhibition,with its key competence on advanced technology and superior machine performance, showing the style of Chinese enterprises. Chinese companies going global have attracted more attention from foreign friends. "Made in China makes the world commendable" is no longer a slogan.WTLwins customers attention and appreciation throughtheir unique technique and machineprecise&superior performance. Company received large quantity of orders during the exhibition.

WTL(www.www.filmettefestival.com) newly developed MAGIC AC / DC GMIG 220C multi-functional welding machine, attracted the attention of大量的customersonce shown on the fair,with its AC / DC TIG / MMA / MIG 4in1, advanced Bluetooth and OLED MIG torch function.LCD screen plasma cutting machine MAGIC GCUT-45EC /CUT-85EC and multi-voltage 105EC,with itsexcellent performance in cutting capacity and speed, easy-to-operate LCD screen, refreshing customers, received many customerscontact and following.Our new MMA/TIG/MIG machine also impressed customer with their smart, easy to operate control tech. We wins orders on our exhibited machine from the first day.

WTL keeps going based on customers support, and we do our best to face the market challenge, and to meet customer demand. WTL welding, focusing on welding machine manufacturing, leads welding industry trend.

Welding for fun, welding for future.