The Wee Govan Pipers


the wee govan pipers

documentary, 59min, scotland, 2016
In english and scottish gaelic
 with english subtitles




Director: Paul Cameron

The Wee Govan Pipers traces the roller-coaster journey of the first new Pipe Band in Govan for generations. In just 18-months, the children go from picking up the pipes for the first time, to competing in the world’s largest Schools Pipe Band Championships. The band is the brainchild of local charities, on a mission to give the new multi-cultural generation a chance at the musical big time… and give pupils at State schools the same opportunity as those in private schools to learn Scotland’s national instrument. Features bag-rockers Red Hot Chili Pipers and legendary piper Rona Lightfoot. Narration and original music by Ewen Henderson of Mànran.

Director: Paul Cameron has been 25 years in the film industry, during which time he has, set up and run community video workshops, produced hundreds of films and videos and developed interactive and software projects. Over the years he has been involved in initiatives like “Document” the International Human Rights Film Festival, New Visions and Cafe Flicker. And after all that time The Wee Govan Pipers is Paul's first broadcast documentary as a director. As well as telling the story of a group of young pipers and their teachers as they grow and develop as a band, the film using a range of techniques and processes normally found in art and community films. Including user generated filming, mixing formats and encouraging public interventions. Although Paul is down as the director of this film, the film as you would expect from a workers co-op is a group effort from all the members of media co-op.