Márton Vécsei

Márton Vécsei is an established director based in Budapest. Even though he first graduated from the Hungarian Fine Art Academy as painter, then from the Hungarian Film Academy as director, he’s attracted by purity and simplicity when approaching a story. He’s been eager to develop his professional skills outside of his country: after studying at the Academy of Fine Arts, Marseille he moved to Transylvania for two years to work on a documentary, then he was living in Amsterdam while attending the BinGer Writers Lab. In the past decade he was actively working in both the fiction and the documentary genres, that brought him to a number of A-list film festivals. For instance his short Werewolf (2007) was in competition in Sarajevo and Warsaw, while he also released his first feature, the very provocative and dividing work of art, Diamond Club. He also works as a commissioned director for HBO Hungary and directs TV spots regularly. This allows him to work with the latest industrial technology and to keep the balance between his focused story driven attitude and his artistic, experimenting auteur self.


Nóra finished her studies as a film director at the Hungarian Film Academy in 2010. She took part international film festivals such as Sarajevo Film Festival, Encounters, Sofia Film Festival etc. and film workshops like EuroDoc, Robert Bosch Stiftung co-production workshop, European Short Pitch, Docu RoughCut Boutique etc. She directs short fictions and documentaries and produces cross-media projects. She won British Council Short Film Award and Sarajevo City of Film special mention for her short film: Edina. Recently she has been working on her first feature script with the support of the Hungarian Film Fund.

Daphne Samaras

Daphne was born in Athens in 1989. She finished her studies at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in 2011 as a photographer, where she got familiar with basic animation techniques that evolved through stop motion to lip sync puppet animation and actual live action film. She likes colors, big and small moments, details, systems and various techniques. This is all represented in her work.

Júlia Széphelyi was born in 1982. She graduated at the University of Drama and Film, Budapest in 2009 as a screenwriter, then worked for different production companies, writing and directing commercials, promotional videos and short films, working also as a script editor. Later on she took part in the postgraduate program on the TV series writing “Serial Eyes” and developed a TV series concept for HBO Hungary. Her latest short film Incella Leaves to Buy Bread was a Robert Bosch Stiftung Co-Production Prize Nominee and has been pitched on European Short Pitch. 


Andrea primarily works as a creative producer but a few years ago she started to be interested in directing. Until today she has mainly created concept videos and documentaries. She studied at the Eötvös Loránd University’s Humanities and Social Sciences Departments and holds two master degrees in aesthetics and cultural anthropology. Now she is working on her PhD dissertation about museums and new technologies. In all three faculties she has dealt with film themes and visual communication. She works in films, commercials, music videos and multimedia products since 2003.


Miklós a.k.a Kickass Factory is primarily an animation director and designer and secondly the beatmaker of the Bupino hip-hop formation. He graduated at MOME in 2008 as an animation director and since he was a freelancer, worked for VIVA, Comedy Central, and prepared main titles for the MusicTV. After this he changed to making commercials, explainer animations and music videos in the Umbrella studio. His favorite works include the explainer animation for Docler Music, the main title of the VIVA Chart Show.


Márton was born in 1977 in Hungary. He works as a freelance director and editor for different productions, TV channels. He originally graduated as economist. He usually tries to find unique forms for different content that not has existed before. This is why as well as documentaries, he has made animations, short fictions, and musical film. His short film Tripe and Onions was in 95 festivals and received the best director and the best European short film prize.


Born as Zoltán Verebes in 1978, in Budapest, he graduated from London Film School as a director with a production designer distinction. After living and studying in the United Kingdom, he returned to his hometown, Budapest where he started developing on his first feature film based on a Stanislaw Lem essay, with the help of his former mentor Zoltan Kamondi’s company Honeymood Films. His first feature film 1 (2009) achieved a big success for a debut film in Hungary, and also collected awards abroad. He is primarily interested in unique experimental styles with mystic and surreal elements in shifted space and time with visual allegories and codes. He considers himself a filmmaker who approaches filmmaking as a visual communication in the face of storytelling. During the years he has had experience working in different fields of professional film and television crews, such as assistant for director Zoltán Kamondi in The Alchemist And The Virgin (1999) assistant production designer for academy award winner Luciana Arigghi in Being Julia (2004) art director for Kevin Phipps production designer (Eyes Wide Shut, Fifth Element, Dune, Slipstream, etc.) in a Cadbury commercial which was directed by Brian Buckley, art director for Benoit Barouh in a Lavazza ad which directed by Jean Pierre Jeunet, and production designer of Pater Strickland’s third feature film The Duke Of Burgundy (2014).