I Am Her


i am her

documentary, 35min, U.S. 2016,
In english


DIRECTOR:Sasha Pezenik

Out of the limelight, under the streetlight, enter the world of NYC’s transgender underclass. One church opens its doors to provide meals, clothing and sometimes, a little drag show magic. Two transgender women struggle to beat the odds. Without the linchpin support of church leaders like Pastor Mark and Brother Peter, the community is left in tenuous balance. The dangers of street life - sex work, disease, abuse, and homelessness - cast long shadows. All struggle to find their own voice - but will they make it? A story of deep pain, and the stunning resilience needed to overcome it. Voices brimming with pathos, honesty, and eloquent grit, whose stories uniquely show: fly with one wing if you must, but never be afraid to fall.

Director: Sasha Pezenik, 24, is a multimedia storyteller born and bred in the heart of Manhattan. Her passion, pen, and camera lens all focus on spotlighting social fault lines across the globe through raw, human stories, often as a one-woman-band. She holds a Summa Cum Laude degree from Sarah Lawrence and has just graduated with a Masters’ from Columbia Journalism School, where she was selected for a specialized track in documentary filmmaking. I Am Her is her filmmaking debut. Contact her with a story tip, for a debate, or for a hot pepper-eating contest.