Dream City

Dream City still 2016

dream city

documentary, 52min, Iraq, Czech Republic, U.S. 2016,
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DIRECTOR: emma piper-burket

Two years ago Diana was living on her own in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan's buzzing capital city. She was studying to be a flight attendant and enjoying the freedom of being independent and young in a growing city. When ISIS and war returned to Iraq she moved back to her mother's home in Sulaymaniyah. Now her days pass quietly, mostly indoors. In the darkness of frequent power outages, Diana builds a dream city in her mind. 

Director: Emma Piper-Burket is a filmmaker, writer and researcher based between New York City and rural Oregon. She works in fiction, non-fiction, and collected media; mixing Super8 and 16mm film with digital forms. She holds an MFA in Cinema and Digital Media from FAMU in Prague, and a BA in Arabic and Classical Studies from Georgetown University.